FBA head logistics service

FBA head logistics services shipment, from China to Amazon Warehouse all over the world.

We provide shipping by sea, air, and express delivery directly to the Amazon warehouse all over the world.


HY International provides door-to-door services from China to Global Amazon Warehouses.

A service that helps Amazon global sellers to transport goods from China to Global Amazon warehouses, including Japan, the United States, Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, etc., the Amazon warehouses all over world.
HY International takes the logistics needs of Amazon sellers as the starting point, integrates its own logistics advantages and global warehousing network, and provides sellers with professional
FBA head logistics services.  We are able to ship by sea or air or express based on your requirement. We provide sea freight, air freight, and express delivery directly to FBA.

We promise to safely and securely deliver goods from China to Amazon’s warehouses and assist in handling customs clearance and tax issues. We will be your trusted international forwarder.

Tips: In order to provide better service, we need to ask some questions.

  1. What’s the address will be sent to?
  2. What are the product names, and materials? And offer the product photo.
  3. What is the box dimension and weight or packing list?
  4. Which shipment way do u want? Express, air, or sea?

Why Choose Us?

                     HYI freight experts make delivery easy through our flexible offerings, global reach and local knowledge.

  • A range of time-specific options, from economy routes to first departures and even same-day departures, delivering reliability at the speed you need.
  • Full flexibility in delivery options (e.g. door-to-door, airport-to-airport) enables you to customize your freight
  • Carrier Priority Access ensures the reliability of your global shipments.

Thinking Things Over or Unsure Which Product Sevices to Choose?

Get in contact with our Freight Experts to discuss your requirements or get a quick quote while it’s on your mind!


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To work out the shipping cost, please offer:

  1. Product name,  material, photo.
  2. Packing information: packing list or carton size and weight.
  3. What is the address/port you want to deliver to?