Which sea shipment can arrive before Christmas?

Covid-19 disrupts global shipping

According to container trade statistics, shipments from Asia to 2021 increased by about 25 percent in the first eight months of 2019 compared to the same period before the new crown pandemic. Trading volumes between Asia and Europe have remained largely unchanged.

Along the eastern seaboard, there are long lines of ships in Savannah, Georgia.

Right now, a lot of ocean carriers are shipping holiday goods, such as one billion million dollars worth of Halloween decorations and billions of dollars worth of Christmas decorations, such as Artificial Christmas Trees and Christmas lights.

Therefore, for the customer who wants to receive their goods before the Christmas sale. The fast sea shipment will be your better choice.

Two sea shipment time schedule

Ship by Zim: 16-19 workdays after it is sail. 7-15 workdays for discharging and custom clearance. The whole shipment time is around 45-55 days

Ship by Matson: 10-12 workdays after it is sail. 5-8 workdays for discharging and custom clearance. The whole shipment time is around 32-39 days

In a word, choose the shipment way based on your selling schedule. Booking the container at least one week earlier will be better so that there won’t delay of 4-7 days.

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