How to save Amazon FBA shipping costs from China?

Dear Amazon sellers around the world:
This is HYI Freight, we are able to ship the Amazon Warehouse around the world.
Being an Amazon seller, the shipping cost to Amazon warehouse is an important part of your profit.
When your goods selling well, how to arrange the shipment?

  1. Work out the supply selling days of your stock quantity.
    Approximately selling days = Stock quantity/ 30 days Average Selling unit each day
    Production time+ Shipping time + Amazon receiving time + at least 7 days more = Approximately selling days
  2. For example if stock quantity is 500 unit/ 10 unit (30 days average selling unit each day) =around 50 days for selling at amazon, that means you have around 40 days to prepare.
  3. Production time around 15 days +Amazon receiving time around 3 days + shipping days < 40 days
  4. That means shipping time no long then 22 days

With this timing, so that you can split some shipments by air for urgent orders.
And by sea most, in this case, you can save most of the shipping cost if you shipping by sea instead.
Nowadays, air/express shipping cost is around 2-3 times higher than the shipping cost.
FBA Amazon around the world.

​If selling at Amazon Japan, sea shipment DDP duty paid takes 12-20 days, then the whole shipment is able to ship by sea.

If selling at Amazon USA, air shipment DDP with duty paid takes 10-15 days, then you will need to split the shipment like 300unit/ 10 units (average selling unit each day) =30 days more, then rest you can send the rest by the sea, like 1000 units by sea.

We are able to do all amazon shipment all around the world, including Amazon USA, Amazon Japan, Amazon United Kindom, Amazon Spain, Amazon Mexico, Amazon Australia, etc.

Amazon FBA by express/air/ Sea/ special line

HY International specializing in Transportation from China to Global  


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We will be your trusted forwarder.

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