Shipment from China to Japan

air shipment

If you want to ship goods from China to Japan, we will be your trusted freight forwarder.

With more than 10 years of shipping experience, we have developed a wide range of routes from China to Japan.

There are different shipping methods for you to choose from China to Japan.

  1. Door-to-door duty unpaid by express, DHL/FEDEX/EMS, ETC
  2. Door-to-door delivery duty unpaid, by air or sea
  3. Door-to-door delivery duty paid by air or sea
  4. Door/ Airport to Airport delivery by air
  5. Door/ Seaport to seaport delivery by sea

By express

We are the agent of DHL, Fedex, EMS, TNT, UPS, etc., the shipping cost is moderate and the shipping time is fast.

Air Freight from China to Japan

We have developed a huge professional air cargo network, providing daily and weekly flights from major airports in China to air destinations around the world.

  1. Door/ Airport to airport, FCL or LCL acceptable
  2. Door/ Airport to door, delivery duty unpaid

It is delivered to your door and all you need to do is pay the taxes on delivery.

3. Door/ Airport to door, delivery duty paid.

This is a door to door shipping which also includes taxes.

What is that mean?
This means we can arrange for your goods to be shipped from China to your Japan address, tax included, and you won’t need to pay any taxes, import duties, or VAT.
We, HYI Freight, will handle customs clearance. You don’t need to do anything, just wait for the goods to arrive.
How does it work?

By air, door to door from China to Japan, including taxes
There are planes shipping from China to Japan every day, usually, it takes 2-3 working days for customs clearance.
So it will take about 3-5 days to arrive in Japan from the date of pick-up, then we will provide you with a waybill number for you to track your goods, usually, it will take 1-2 days to arrive.
This means it usually only takes about 5-7 business days to arrive at your Japan address from the time we pick it up.

Ocean Freight

  1. Seaport/ Door to seaport, FCL, and LCL acceptable
  2. Seaport/ Door to Door, DDU- delivery duty unpaid

By fast sea: it takes around 12-17 days, and needs over 100kg

By Slow sea: it takes around 15-25 days, calculate in CBM, 1 CBM at least

3. Seaport/ Door to Door, DDP- Delivery duty paid

It is door-to-door including taxes and needs to be over 100kg.

For sea shipment, from pick up day, it will sail every 3 days, takes 7-9 days to arrives in Japan.

Takes 1-3 work days for customs clearance, and we will ask the local shipping company to pick up the goods, then we will be able to offer you the tracking number, and then takes 1-2 days to deliver.

Thus, for sea shipment, takes around 12-17 days for shipping time.

If there are larger shipments, choosing sea shipment will be more suitable.

We are HYI freight, if you have any inquries about shipping from China, we are able to work out the best shipping method with moderate price and time.

HYI Freight, Specializing in transportation from China to the world!






私たちは、DHL、フェデックス、EMS、TNT、UPS などのエージェントです。 送料は中程度で、発送時間は短くなっています。
私たちは巨大なプロの航空貨物ネットワークを開発しました。 中国の主要空港から世界中の航空目的地へ、毎日毎週フライトを提供しています。

  1. ドア/空港から空港、FCL、または LCL へ
  2. ドア/空港からドア、配達関税未払い

3. ドア/空港からドアまで、配達関税が支払われます。
HYI Freightが通関手続きを行います。 何もする必要はありません。商品が到着するのを待つだけです。

中国から日本へのフライトは毎日あり、通関には通常 2 ~ 3 営業日かかります。
そのため、集荷日から日本到着まで3~5日ほどお時間をいただいております。 その後、貨物を追跡するための運送状番号が提供されます。 到着まで通常1~2日かかります。
これは、集荷から住所に到着するまでに通常 5 ~ 7 営業日しかかからないことを意味します。


  1. Seaport/Door to Seaport、FCL および LCL が許容されます
  2. ポート/ドアツードア、DDU – 未払いの配達義務
    Fast Sea: 約 12 ~ 17 日かかり、100kg 以上が必要
    遅い海: 約 15-25 日、少なくとも 1 CBM かかります。
  3. ポート/ドアツードア、DDP-配達関税支払い済み
    宅配 税込、100kg以上必要
    通関手続きに 1 ~ 3 営業日かかります。現地の運送会社が商品を集荷します。その後、追跡番号を提供し、配達に 1 ~ 3 日かかります。

中国から世界への輸送に特化したHYI Freight!

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